Guy Plays The Most Savage Christmas Prank Ever On His Sister

‘Tis truly the season to be jolly, and with the presents opened, food and drink consumed to bursting point, and your family all together in one place, tired from the night’s exertions and lulled into a false sense of security, what better time to play a good old Christmas prank?
Morgan Svobodny has already suffered at the hands of her brother Zach at Christmas time after he sent their entire family cards with rapper Chief Keef PhotoShopped in next to her – making it look like the two were dating – and Morgan’s sinister sibling is back for round two, and this time, it’s extra savage.

It all started on Christmas morning, when Morgan rubbed the sleep from her eyes and went downstairs to find a card from her dear brother Zach.
At first, it looks as if Zach has decided to bury the hatchet, asking his dear sister for forgiveness on this, a holiday synonymous with altruism and family and love. So, Morgan stepped outside, and this is what she found.
Oh wow! Zach got his sister a car for Christmas! It just goes to show that everybody’s got a kind side on Christmas, and that all’s well that ends well, and… hold on. This seems a little too good to be true. What does the card say?
Ouch, there it is! Tricking his sister into thinking he got her a car for Christmas, he actually got her a rental. That she has to pay for with her own debit card. He did make up for it by getting her $90 worth of gift cards from restaurants Applebee’s and Subway, so I guess it’s not all for nothing. Then, you realise where he got the cards from, rubbing even more salt into the wound…


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