Justin Bieber Could Face Arrest In Argentina Over Allegedly Beating A Photographer

istorically, Justin Bieber’s relationship with his Argentinian fans has been a rocky one. In 2013, Bieber was temporarily banned from performing in the country after he kicked away flags that fans threw onstage during a performance. In Argentina, disrespecting the flag in such a way is an offence which can be punished with a prison sentence of up to four years.
After leaving the venue, Bieber’s bodyguards were caught on camera chasing, beating up, and stealing from an Argentinian photographer who was trying to get a shot of the pop singer exiting the building. The resulting footage is a shocking insight into the people Bieber chooses to surround himself with.
Despite his renewed career success as of late, it seems Bieber’s past keeps coming back to haunt him. It’s just emerged that the three-year-old footage you’ve just watched has been used to formally charge Bieber for his involvement in the fight and theft.
According to TMZ, a judge in Argentina has accused Justin Bieber of ordering his bodyguards to beat up the paparazzi photographer. According to the judge, Bieber also made sure the photographer’s money and equipment were stolen after he was forced to the ground and beaten.
This is something of a problem for Bieber, considering that Argentina is one of his biggest fan bases. In fact, he was just about to start on the South American leg of his world tour, so the timing is less than perfect. Unless Bieber can overturn the ruling, he can’t return to the country, because he’ll be immediately arrested.
This isn’t the first time Bieber has been threatened with legal action following an alleged assault. Back in November, a Spanish fan was punched in the mouth by Biebs after he tried to get a photo with him. Judging by the resulting photos, it looked like he hit his target.


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