5 Of The Best Inventions That Saved People’s Lives In 2016

If I see one more person filling up my newsfeed with yet another “funny and original” (read: unfunny and unoriginal) status about how 2016 was the worst year on record, I might have to delete my social media account. Probably. Maybe. Maybe not.
Those people sitting there moaning to their 400 Facebook friends about how sad they are that their Toblerone bar has shrunk have almost definitely never suffered any real trauma in their lives. Because if they had, they would realise that a shrunken chocolate bar is absolutely nothing to complain about.
For those of us who have lost loved ones, suffered serious injury, or been unfortunate enough to have been involved in a serious car crash, we know that a few bad election results don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. What does matter, however, is that 2016 has been a year of incredible inventions aimed at helping avoid some of the above.
In order to help persuade you into realising that 2016 hasn’t been all that bad, we’ve put together a collection of some of the very best life saving inventions, from an airbag for cyclists to an anti-car chase device.
It turns out that it wasn’t just life saving inventions that made 2016 pretty great. In fact, the last 12 months has been home to some seriously impressive scientific discoveries that’ve changed the course of human history forever. Oh, and made us feel really, really sorry for sloths.


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