Bizarre Link Between Home Alone And Friends Has The Internet Stoked

If you were to ask somebody out of the blue what the biggest, most popular franchises of the 90’s were, they’d probably mention TV series Friends and Christmas classic movie Home Alone. Both were comedies, both have devoted fanbases to this day, and both were watched by millions. But that’s about where the similarities end really. In most respects, the two are pretty much chalk and cheese.
Home Alone was a family movie; a broad, slapstick-based film with big set-pieces, devious traps and larger-than-life scenes. On the other hand, Friends was more of a relatable, character-based sitcom, featuring an adult cast of twenty-somethings trying to navigate their personal lives. But is that really all they have in common? The truth is that they might just be inextricably linked. Home Alone and Friends are really two sides of the same coin… or at least, that’s what a particularly tinfoil hat, bonkers fan theory suggests.

It purports that not only are Friends and Home Alone related, but that they actually share the same fictional universe. Kind of like the Marvel superhero movies, only without Samuel L. Jackson. I suppose they had an episode with Brad Pitt guest-starring, so anything’s possible. But does this theory hold water, or is this all just wishful thinking?
It sounds crazier than box of frogs, but hear me out first and see what you think. So according to this theory’s supporters, the evidence for it lies in the fact that, in the final episode of the series, Monica (played by Courteney Cox) and Chandler (played by Matthew Perry) trade their iconic rent-controlled Manhattan apartment for a bigger house in the suburbs. Joey accompanies them to the viewing, and they fall in love with it and move in immediately.
But don’t you think it looks familiar? I feel like I’ve seen this interior before. Well that’s apparently because production company 22 Vision claims that the movie and the show used the exact same house.
Yup, the house in Home Alone has a view of its neighbours across the street that’s exactly the same as the view from Chandler and Monica’s new living room windows. Production company 22 Vision also claim that stock footage from the Home Alone house was used in the episode as well! So it could well be that the McAllister family moved out at long last and sold their home to Mr and Mrs Bing.
Thing is, the McAllister family home is a veritable mansion, so Chandler and Monica are going to have to adopt a whole orphanage if they want to use all that space. Not to mention the fact that the iconic property looks completely different 25 years later.


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