Click to view girl who has been caught while trying to sneak her boyfriend out of prison in a suitcase

Woman caught while trying to sneak her boyfriend out of jail in a suitcase (photos)
A young lady of 25-year-old, and her name is Antonieta Robles Saouda. She has been apprehended in Venezuela, after she tried sneaking her boyfriend, Ibrain Jose Vargas Garcia, out of prison in a pink suitcase.

The Central European News Agency, revealed that the young lady had gone to see her boyfriend in company of her 6-year-old daughter at the Jose Antonio Anzoategui prison, with the plan of smuggling him out of the facility alive.

However, she succeeded in stuffing him into the suitcase but unfortunately for her she did not have the strength to wheel him out of the prison. The prison guards took notice of her struggle with the suitcase and she was asked to open it for inspection and her boyfriend was found inside.
The guy was immediately taken back to his cell; the lady was arrested while her daughter was taken into temporary custody by the Venezuelan social service workers.


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