Click to watch - Donald Trump Reveals Obama Left Him A ‘Beautiful Letter’ On The Oval Office Desk

Carrying on with tradition, outgoing President Barack Obama has left President Trump a letter. But what did Obama write in his letter to Trump? The media has often reported the bad blood between Trump and America’s former President.

In an unprecedented move, President Trump will not reveal what Barack Obama’s letter contains. Speaking at a press conference, Trump stated that: “I just went to the Oval Office and found this beautiful letter from President Obama. And we won’t even tell the press what’s in the letter.” This thinly-veiled dig at the media has only intensified the division between Trump’s press team and the mainstream media.
Speaking about Trump’s inauguration, chief of staff Reince Priebus stated that: “The point is not the crowd size. The point is the media has an obsession to delegitimise this president in one day. And we’re not going to sit around and take it. We’re going to fight back tooth and nail every day and twice on Sunday.” You can view Trump’s admission that Obama’s letter is to remain secret in the video below.
Trump and Obama were also in constant communication in the run-up to Trump’s inauguration, with Donald stating that: “It was really very nice of him to do that. And we will cherish that.” The communication between Trump and Obama will undoubtedly lessen now that President Trump has been inaugurated, and Obama turns to new projects and challenges.


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