Prison Break Fans Rejoice! Click to watch - New Season’s Premiere Date Is Announced

The beginning of the year is always a slow time for television drama addicts. The big hit box-sets we all love, like HBO’s Game Of Thrones and Netflix’s Stranger Things, are still being filmed, and we have to content ourselves with a long wait until spring while we watch reruns and old episodes of Friends until something decent appears back on the box.
Seems like now would be the perfect time to revamp and bring back a much-loved TV show from the past, one that fans believe ended too soon… no I’m not talking about Lost, or Heroes, or House. I’m talking about Prison Break!
For those who missed out on it when it was first broadcast way back in 2005, Prison Break is a US TV series that ran for four seasons on the Fox Network between 2005 and 2009, concluding with a direct-to-DVD movie finale entitled: The Final Break. Like 24, the show features a serialised story structure, a highly suspenseful plot and a dark storyline, and a cast containing well-rounded characters with complex personalities.
So all you wannabe-escapists will be pleased to know that the Fox network has officially announced that a fifth season, a direct continuation of the original show, will be returning to television, and now an air date for the premiere episode has been made public. 
The fifth season of Prison Break will air on April 4th on FOX, starring original cast members such as Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell as well as a fair few new additions. Miller and Purcell were motivated to reboot the franchise after guest-starring opposite each other in 2014, when they were cast as villainous duo Captain Cold and Heatwave on the first season of the CW drama The Flash – an adaptation of the DC superhero speedster comics.
As if that wasn’t cool enough, we also have a trailer for the upcoming season, which teases plenty of thrills, twists and turns.
Creator and executive producer Paul T. Scheuring has stated that the inspiration behind the revival came about due to fan enthusiasm. “Wentworth and Dominic talked, and then Wentworth and I had a sit down and reconvened after all the years,” Scheuring said.
“We went to a North Hollywood cafe on a busy street and we kind of talked about what it might look like.” Then, according to Scheuring, as they left the restaurant, a car stopped in the middle of the street and several men jumped out. They recognised Miller as “the guy from Prison Break.” and wanted photos. “That’s the kind of hunger that there is internationally for this show,” he added.


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